MON1071 Gas Chromatography

Technical specifications:

Temperature Control:
1. Temperature area: column oven, sampler, detector
2. Temperature range: 15ºC ~399ºC above room temperature (increment: 1ºC)
3. Temperature accuracy: better than ±0.1ºC (measured at 200ºC)

Flame Ionization Detector (FID):
1. Detection limit: Dt≤1×10-10g/s (octane and hexadecane)
2. Baseline drift: ≤2×10-12A/h
3. Linear range: ≥106
4. Max. limit temperature: 400ºC

1. Voltage: 220V~±22V 50Hz±0.5Hz
2. Power: ≤1500W
3. Dimensions: 575mm(L)×480(W)×490mm(H)
4. Weight: 50kg

Product Description

As a new generation instrument, GC102AF Gas Chromatograph applies the computer reverse control technology and can
conduct remote detection and fault diagnosis, equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID).
PC control, user-friendly interface, and easy to operate.
Temperature control is of high accuracy (better than ±0.1ºC). Heating speed is fast and overshoot temperature is small.
Self-diagnosis, power protection, oven over-temperature protection, and automatic ignition.
It can accurately display the temperature control settings, actual value, and FID amplifier sensitivity.
The single gas system and precise scale pneumatic control valve contribute to excellent reproducibility and stability and
can perform analysis of packed column or capillary with wide diameter of 0.53mm.
Packed column: on-column injection, instantaneous vaporization injection, gas injection.
Open computer system and NJ2000 chromatography workstation can work together to process data.
Large capacity oven (300mm×280mm×270mm) facilitates the installation of packed column and capillary.
Built-in heating wire structure.


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