Channel Interpretive ECG Machine

MON1066 Interpretive ECG Machine


Lead Standard 12 leads
Input Circuit Isolated input circuit
Protection against defibrillation and pace making
Data Acquisition Simultaneously 12 lead acquisition
Calibration Voltage 1mV±5%
Sampling Rate 1ms
A/D Converter 12 bit
Filter AC filter, EMG filter, DFT filter
CMRR > 60dB
> 100dB (AC filter in use)
Input Circuit Current ≤0.1μA
Input Impedance >50MΩ
Patient Leakage Current <10μA
Time Constant ≥3.2s
Frequency Response 0.05 ~ 100Hz
Noise Level <15μVp-p
Paper Speed 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50mm/s
Polarizing Voltage ±400mV
Sensitivity 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40mm/mV
Baseline Control Automatic baseline control
Automatic inhibition of baseline drift

Product Description

12 Channel Interpretive ECG (ECG-1220)
5.7 inch 320×240 color LCD to display ECG trace, diagnosis, setting menu & operating status
6/7/12 channel printout
Numeric keypad and one touch operation
Automatic measurement and interpretation
Real time waveform freezing, with partial zoom in and zoom out
Uniquesystem for menu setting and patient info management
Waveforms and diagnosis results preview before printing
Automatic arrhythmia detection and recording
Sleeping mode to save energy and extend LCD life
Built in Li-ion rechargeable battery supporting 50 exams
300 exams in the internal memory
Able to record the ECG waveform 10 second prior to operation
Two way for data communcation with HIS in format of XML, JPG, PDF, etc


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